The Future of Scholarly Communication in Economics: call for Hamburg, March 2015

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The Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) and the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (ZBW) have announced an international workshop on the theme ‘The Future of Scholarly Communication in Economics’ to take place in Hamburg on 30-31 March, 2015. Selected papers will be published in the journal Economics. IfW and ZBW invite “researchers from economics and other disciplines to submit related empirical and theoretical contributions.” Themes include: “Pros/cons of the review process, and new ideas for improvements; Different methods to measure reputation; Impact of open access on the publication market; Inclusion of research data in the publication process; The changing role of publishers, libraries, and scientific communities; The potential of social media tools (blogs, wikis, twitter, facebook etc.) in scholarly communication.” The deadline for workshop paper submissions is 30 November. The deadline for submissions to the special issue of ‘Economics’ is 4 May 2015.

Major Revision of European System of Accounts launched by Eurostat and EU member states

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A new system of national and regional accounts has been launched by Eurostat and the EU Member States. An overview has been published by Eurostat. The revised system reflects the European economy’s evolution from manufacturing and agricultural activities over past decades, to a knowledge-based economy in the 21st Century. The new system – known as ESA2010 – also reflects greater interaction between globalisation and regionalisation processes. Eurostat and EU national statistical agencies have also improved data gathering, access, collation and analysis techniques. One of the most important changes is the recalibration of R&D-related data. “Research and development expenditure is recorded as gross fixed capital formation and no longer as current expenditure.” French and German guides have also been published. Technical documentation has been linked from the EUI Library’s Eurostat data resource page.

European banking sector stress test data released by European Central Bank

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The results of the European banking sector asset quality review and stress tests were published, with data, on 26 October. The aggregate report covers 130 banks in 19 countries (Euro area plus Lithuania, due to join in January 2015). The assessments cover 81.6% of banking assets to be regulated by the ECB under the Single Supervisory Mechanism from November this year. The exercise identified a capital shortfall of €24.6 billion across 25 European banks (Table 1, p.10). Detailed data files and country reports are on this ECB page. The ECB has released a YouTube video explaining the data categories used in the ‘Aggregate Report on the Comprehensive Assessment.’ The webcast of Sunday’s press conference is at this link.

Growing impact of ‘non-elite’ journals

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Dr. Anurag Acharya and six Google Scholar co-authors have published an analysis of scholarly journals’ usage from 1995-2013, using bibliometric data from Google Scholar. The paper, ‘Rise of the Rest: the growing impact of non-elite journals’ is available online. The authors conclude that “… the fraction of highly-cited articles published in non-elite journals increased steadily over 1995-2013… [and that] finding and reading relevant articles in non-elite journals is about as easy as finding and reading articles in elite journals, researchers are increasingly building on and citing work published everywhere.”

New Book: “European Commission 2004-2014: A Testimony by the President with selected documents”

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European Commission 2004-2014: A testimony by the president with selected documents

José Manuel Barroso published the book “European Commission 2004-2014: A Testimony by the President with selected documents”. Jose Manuel Durão Barroso has been President of the European Commission since 2004. In this book Jose Manuel Durão Barroso gives a personal testimony of his mandate, which ends on 31 October 2014. It also contains a selection of his speeches, photos and documents which illustrate the Commission’s work in the last 10 years (EUBookshop, 2014). Read an extract from its introduction [...]

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