Agence Europe Daily Bulletin developments

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As of January 2015 the EUI Library has access to the revamped database of Agence Europe Daily Bulletin which provides online full-text access to Bulletin Quotidien Europe (French edition) and Europe Daily Bulletin (English edition) from 2000 onwards. Find out more about Agence Europe [...]

European Year of Development 2015

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2015 is a special year for development. It is the first ever European Year to deal with the European Union’s external action and Europe’s role in the world. For development organisations all over Europe it is an unparalleled opportunity to showcase Europe’s commitment to eradicating poverty worldwide and to inspire more Europeans to get engaged and involved in development. 2015 is also the year in which the Millennium Development Goals that the world agreed to reach in 2000, and in which the international community will agree on the future global framework for poverty eradication and sustainable development[...]

ECB announces sovereign bond purchase programme, to commence in March 2015

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The ECB has announced a Euro area sovereign bond purchase programme (‘quantitative easing’) of €60bn per month, to run from March 2015 to September 2016. The text of ECB President Draghi’s presentation is on this ECB page. A webcast of Thursday’s press conference is at this link. The programme includes sovereign debt, asset-backed securities and covered bonds. The European Central Bank publishes Monthly Bulletins, Financial Stability Reviews and regular alerts for new publications and policy positions. The EUI Library maintains a Eurozone resource page, with bibliography and a Eurozone/European Union statistical data directory.

Thomas Piketty at European University Institute

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Professor Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics) presented at the EUI on 21 January. A webcast recording is at this link. Prof. Piketty was awared the 2014 Financial Times ‘Book of the Year’ prize for Capital in the Twenty-First Century. The EUI Library provides the original Capital au XXIe siècle; four copies of the English translation (one at Villa San Paolo); and the Italian language version Il Capitale nel XXI secolo. The shelfmark for all language versions is 332.041 PIK. Underlying data is available via the author’s Quandl page.

2015 IMF World Economic Outlook, with statistical data, published on 20 Janaury

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The first IMF World Economic Outlook of 2015 was published, with data, on 20 January. Seven language versions are available. An info-graphic of main economic trends is available on this IMF page. Supporting data is available via the Data Mapper. The EUI Library maintains a directory explaining access to long-range IMF data series: Direction of Trade Statistics; Government Finance Statistics; International Financial Statistics and Balance of Payments Statistics. The IMF Financial Data Query tool is explained at this Library link. EUI members have access to the archive of (discontinued) IMF Composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves data, via Datastream (Thomson Reuters).

ECJ Advocate General delivers opinion on legality of ECB right to purchase Eurozone bonds

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The opinion of the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice, Pedro Cruz Villalón, regarding an ECB-related case brought to the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany by Peter Gauweiler and others, was given on 14 January 2015. The Advocate General found that the 2012 ECB decision on Outright Monetary Transactions (establishing a competence to purchase Eurozone government bonds) “falls within the monetary policy for which the Treaty makes the ECB responsible and does not constitute an economic policy measure, provided that, throughout the whole period of implementation of any OMT programme, the ECB refrains from any direct involvement in the financial assistance programmes to which the OMT programme is linked.” The full opinion is on this Court of Justice page. A commentary is available from the Jurist legal news and research service. The EUI Library maintains a Eurozone Guide and Bibliography and a European Statistical Data Directory.

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