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Leaking a Bond: South Africa’s Relations with Iran

A commentary by
Michal Onderco
(SPS MW Fellow 2014-2015)*
One of the big stories of the week is a massive leak of secret intelligence, produced mostly by South Africa’s State Security Agency, to Al Jazeera and The Guardian. While the content of the news varies, the juiciest stories are related to South Africa’s place in the attempts to [...]

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Doubts on Growth: The Discourse on ‘Secular Stagnation’ in the Social Sciences

A Max Weber Lecture by
Claus Offe
(Hertie School of Governance)
Wednesday 18 February 2015
Refettorio, Badia Fiesolana
Clauss Offe is a political sociologist. He has made substantive contributions to understanding the relationships between democracy and capitalism. His recent work has focused on economies and states in transition to democracy.
The experience of declining growth rates, near-stagnation and deflationary dangers in much of the OECD world has triggered [...]

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Behavioral economics – beyond (ir)rationality and other-regarding preferences

Moti Michaeli
(ECO MW Fellow 2014-2016)
What do you think of when you hear the term ‘behavioral economics’? Maybe you associate it with a specific methodology, maybe with a specific topic. If you think of a methodology, you most probably think of lab experiments, where subjects (usually BA students) are playing games or making decisions in front [...]

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