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The Politics of Law and the Behavioural Sciences. Historical Contexts and Conceptual Sources: Call for Papers

The rationale behind the workshop
This workshop is part of the Max Weber Programme events organized by the MW Fellows series. Franz L. Fillafer (HEC 2014-105) and Magdalena Malecka (LAW 2013-2015) are organizing it.
Current research on law, as well as the practices of contemporary states, is marked by an increasing interest in the findings of the [...]

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tutankhamun beard

What we are talking about when we talk about Tutankhamun’s beard

A commentary by
William E. Carruthers (HEC MW Fellow 2014-2015) (*)
Tutankhamun’s beard has been in constant circulation recently. In what seemed like the sort of story normally only picked up during a slow news week, the international press has repeated two claims almost ad nauseam. First, that the beard had apparently been accidentally snapped off the [...]

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Laïcité: French Educational Values at Play

A commentary by
David Do Paço
(HEC MW Fellow 2013-2015) (*)
Although the attacks in Paris failed to meet their goal, to generate terror in France, they nevertheless raised many issues on freedom of expression and its potential limits, on our intelligence system and our educational ideals. Indeed, so many reports arrived at the Ministry of Education denouncing the [...]

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