Doubts on Growth: The Discourse on ‘Secular Stagnation’ in the Social Sciences

A Max Weber Lecture by
Claus Offe
(Hertie School of Governance)
Wednesday 18 February 2015
Refettorio, Badia Fiesolana
Clauss Offe is a political sociologist. He has made substantive contributions to understanding the relationships between democracy and capitalism. His recent work has focused on economies and states in transition to democracy.
The experience of declining growth rates, near-stagnation and deflationary dangers in much of the OECD world has triggered [...]

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The Politics of Law and the Behavioural Sciences. Historical Contexts and Conceptual Sources: Call for Papers

 13 May 2015, 9:00-18:00
Badia, MWP Common Room
The rationale behind the workshop
This workshop is part of the Max Weber Programme events organized by the MW Fellows series. Franz L. Fillafer (HEC 2014-105) and Magdalena Malecka (LAW 2013-2015) are organizing it.
Current research on law, as well as the practices of contemporary states, is marked by an increasing [...]

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Recent Italian Politics in Historical Perspective

New Year welcome back talk by
Paul Ginsborg
(University of Florence)
14 January 2015, 17:00-19:00
Sala Europa, Villa Schifanoia
Paul Ginsborg is a leading authority on contemporary Italy. He taught European Politics at Cambridge University, before moving to Italy in 1992 to take up the chair of contemporary European History at the University of Florence. His impressive bibliography on Italian [...]

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