IUE CALCIO SQUADRA F. – Crystal Piazza 2-2

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Starting Lineup: Cosimo – Roberto – Ludvig – Frank – Vasyl – Gazza – Karremans – Leo – Il Pazzo – Albert – Metin

Panchina galattica: Francesco ‘Bomber’ Martino – Diego ‘Spettacolo’ Garzía – Francis ‘Levy’ Livi – Julian ‘Trombi’ Byku – Alexis ‘Torito’ Galán – Marco ‘Campione’ Rizzi

Goals: Leo and Diego ‘Spettacolo’ Garzia

Panchina Fantastica IUE Calcio

Multi-billionaire “Panchina” galactica of IUE Calcio

5 November 2013. After an unusually warm autumn, cold finally arrived at Florence. Suddenly there were fewer people in the streets. Cereti was no exception. Besides a couple of teams training, there was no much activity. Only IUE and Crystal Piazza would break that monotony with a very engaging and entertaining game.

After our hard-won victory against Biscioni the week before, we were focus on continuing with our streak. Crystal Piazza seemed to be a strong team. Despite the fact that the year before they ended 6 or 7 in the league, numbers were telling us a different story. They scored a lot and they received few goals. Hence, we were confronting a difficult team as they could score easily while shutting down the other team. We had to be concentrated. This was going to be a game of few chances.

In the first half, IUE controlled most part of the time. We were able to impose ourselves against the continuous attempts by Crystal Piazza. We were not able to pass the ball properly, but we were able to protect the ball and to recuperate it as soon as we lost it. Similarly, the defense was impeccable in shutting down any attempt by Crystal Piazza. We even had the opportunity to go to the break in advantage. After a nice couple of passes between our players, Leo found himself alone in front of Crystal Piazza’s goalkeeper. Unfortunately, distracted by Il Pazzo, Leo passed the ball to him, who was already off-side. Crystal Piazza would have some opportunities too, but they were easily countered.

Second half began in a similar tone. IUE was able to dominate the game. There were no opportunities but we were able to impose ourselves in the pitch. And this would pay off after 10 minutes. After a series of chances being missed and blocked by Crystal Piazza’s defense and goalie, we had our opportunity. Their goalkeeper, implausibly, was unable to catch a ball with his hands, Leo, always ready, would take the invitation by their goalkeeper to make a header. 1-0. Things could not look better. Unfortunately, within 5 minutes the situation would change dramatically. From lucky to unlucky. First of all, Crystal Piazza’s number 5 would hit a kick which entered after the ball hit Cosimo’s back after he had been able to stop it. 1-1. The second goal would be even more ridiculous. Crystal Piazza’s number 14 would hit the ball from almost their side. The ball itself had no danger as it was merely bouncing. Unfortuantely, despite attempts to hit the ball all failed and Cosimo was not able to see it until it was already in. 1-2. Needless to say we had to fight back hard. Suddenly we were not able to impose our game, we were pressuring but for nothing. The situation would change with Diego ‘Spettacolo’ Garzia. After a nice play from the right side, Diego made a header. This would be rejected by Crystal Piazza’s goalkeeper. But Diego, unfazed by the circumstances would take advantage of the goalkeeper’s ‘mistake’. Immediately afterwards he would hit the ball without looking to the goal. There was no need to look back, because he knew the goal was there and it would go in. And that was what happened. 2-2.

The last 10 minutes of the game would be a back and forth between us and Crystal Piazza. They even hit 2 posts. We had one. But the game was sealed. 2-2 was the correct result for an entertaining and engaging game. IUE and Crystal Piazza showed that you can play an intense but fair game.