10 minutes into it & Squadra got intimate

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EUI Calcio 3 -0 I’Girone 25 October 2016

After the long pre-season training in the SchifaNou camp and the home ground Cerreti, All players of our beloved Squadra showed great determination of going further and further. Mixing the ‘Old’ experienced players with the so-called ‘Freshies’ new players on one pitch gave us a huge advantage by showing/learning different styles of football from different countries and different backgrounds.

The first 2 matches were successful in a sense we had the opportunity to play football together for the first time without losing . So 2 Draws in the basket is not a bad start at all.

Selecting the team is not an easy job for the Misters as we have a lot of hungry passionate players who are ready and roaring to play every game of the season.

We learnt that I’Girone likes to take their chances with long range shots which we had to experience, In the early minutes of the game after they tested our keeper Doman (The Flying man) who is building great confidence in the net and the box. of course the shot was denied with a beautiful block from our number 1 keeper. (The one and Only)

“10 minutes into it and the Squadra got intimate”

10 minutes into a really chancy edgy game from both sides our number 10 mister Simon netted a great powerful header into the top right corner of the opponent’s net from a beautifully curved cross by or Left winger Aliou.

The Squadra were playing a beautiful and elegant style of football, The subs were having a hard time sitting down as there were many chances from the game. Ozgur took his chance in the 23rd minute of the game but it was denied by their keeper which advanced to a corner kick for the EUI. The German heading machine Simon were rightly tightly placed in the opponent box as Ozgur was about to take the corner from the right side of the pitch. Reto put his money on Simon to score a goal with another great header. Reto was righto and we advanced into the 25th minute of the game leading 2-0. never bet with Reto.

The scoring wasn’t working for our strikers. Aleks started his first game as the number 9 for the club. he tried over and over again but I guess it wasn’t just the right day for him or anyone else to score. Only Misters allowed to score. (F***** Dej stealing my comments from Facebook, #Bastardo !!!)

Two injured player in the 30th minute of the game Jan Right back and Aliou left wing were taken off and substituted by Dejwar and Jonas.

As Chris Kamara would say “What a fantastic goal by the Mister (Unbelievable Dutch)”

The Running Dutchman Jonathan had the chance to take the opportunity and take on the whole team single (legly) handily. Our Center back Jonathan won the ball from I’Girone’s number 10 and took on every player he faced from our half side of the pitch till he reached I’Girone’s box which he had to carry on to place the ball into their bottom left corner in the 38th minute of the game. the video will be available soon only your eyes will justify the beauty of the goal.

The second half we took more control of the game as we were the winning side. Ten minutes into second half of the game, couple of changes were made to our team Yarra , Tomaz, Reto and Joe. we needed to change some of our warriors with new warriors to have the fresh legs on the pitch to give us an advantage to take more chances.

I’Girone were hungry for goals as they are known as a team that score many goals (But not against THE SQUADRAAAAAAAAAAAAA). There was no hope for them as the defenders were battling to block them away every time they had the ball; the defenders were facing hard time as the Girone were pushing higher and higher till the last minutes of the game which led Dejwar to dive and block a clear shot to the goal with his face.


-60′ – Misters planning the squad

-10′ – Reto tries to open the Curva for the fans

10′ – Simon scores a beautiful header

23′ – Ozgur tested the keeper from the right side

25′ – Simon scores another great header

30′ – Dejwar and Jonas came on for Jan and Aliou

38′ – Jonathan does the wonder run and scores our 3rd goal

Half time. fantastic talks of motivation were given by the Misters

60’- Fresh energy provided by our subs Tomaz, Yarra , Reto and Joe.

75’- Dejwar takes a heavy Mike Tyson blow to his face. 2 minutes after he skies the ball WIDE after an attempt to score. (it will come sooner or later).

Olli is supporting and emailing while he is away.

Presi is happy with the win.

Kaiser is still looking for his car.

And I had to be up at 6:45. HELLO IT.

I will see you guys in Cerreti on the 11th of November. Good Luck for the upcoming games.