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Cereti-spettacolo is back to stay!

Before reading the text below please consider that last year I wrote the two most boring match reports of the season, so if you are busy these days I would advise you to stop reading here. For the remaining brave ones, here we go…

Last Tuesday before the game I closed my eyes and I could still hear and see (among other beloved ones) El Eternal shouting posssition, Pim-Pam wearing his sexy green maglione (this is still in my dreams, but this is another issue haha), JoJo moving on the pitch running 80s style, and Pedro shouting and singing from The Curva with a beer in his hand. They are not here (physically) anymore, and I (we) miss them, but the project is still the same, an ambitious one!

The new arrivals are very good people, as well as amazing football players. I am sure that we are back to stay, game by game, in the winning track guided by our talented new misters both on and off the pitch. I say off the pitch because a representation of the Squadra suited up and went to the presidential (with small p) reception in Palazzo Vecchio promoting the Squadra among the top EUI-Firenze authorities!

Now the match report…

Starting eleven (and subs): Cosimo (Rizzi)/ Jan-Ludvig-Robe (Martijn van den Brink)–Livi (Jonas Draege)/ Andrea-France/ Gabo (Garzia)-Albert (Francesco Rossi)-Alberto/ Metin (Lorenzo Giuntini).

After our anecdotal defeat last week we demonstrated on the pitch against the 5th team of B1 last year (Florentia 2010) that we are, and we will be, what we have always been, a winning team and a group of good friends!

France with the eternally magic number 9 on his back showed us, as “el querido maestro” used to do beautifully, how one should take free kicks! Two goals, the first and the third, came in this way. In the middle, “hombre-fuego” Gabo scored the second goal showing both his ability and his strength…

Bomber Diego Garzia 2 goals in this game

BUT let me dedicate the following lines to our “father-of-spettacolo” Diego Garzia. The second ball he touched he put it in the top corner of the goal (4th goal), like only the best ones know how, both with class and determination. Then, at the end of the second half, within the small box he scored again (5th goal) like a proper Pallone Killer. Grazie Diego.

Our new goalkeeper (Cosimo) was, as always, superb.

We conceived an unfortunate goal at the end of the game, probably in the only occasion they had! But I would say there’s nothing to worry about this.

The Curva and some players (Ellie, Andrea, Fede (and his dog), Frank…sorry if I miss someone) were there to support us with new ingenious hymns while waving in the wind our brand-new scarfs and flags!

We finished, as it has been the tradition for many years, in Finnegan’s with the charming company of PRESI and PRESIDENTESSA!

What else can one ask for in life?