Pol. Novoli – IUE Calcio 2-2

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Report By Lore

Starting Eleven: 4-4-2

Marco Rizzi

Frank McNamara – Ludvig Lundstedt – Vasyl Chorny – Jonas Draege

Gabriel Facchini – Andrea Gazzani – Francesco Rossi – Leonardo Lucarini

                                     Metin Nebiler     Francesco Martino
Jan Karremans
Jonathan Saragoza (debut in the season)
Martijn van den Brink
Luis Rojas (debut in the season)
Alberto Neidhardt
Cosimo Bartoli
Lorenzo Giuntini
Cheerleader: Lukas
Nuria + Mad Cows delegation
(sorry i surely miss someone’s name)
IUE Curva

IUE Curva

It was a freezing (4°) cold night at Cerreti stadium, the Squadra came galvanized by the news of the second place reached in the B1 chart and so with the idea to have a concete chance to reach again the 1th place.
“I Misters” decided to change the formation from the classic 451 to the new 442 with the two bombers in front (Marmaray Metin and Bomber Martino) and to start with Rossi FR7 as captain also to celebrate his last game with the Squadra before his leave to he U.S.
First half:
      • IUE Squadra started to show their superiority from the phisical and technical point of view.
      • The two wings Gabo and Leo pushed from he sides and the Curva had the chance to watch flashes of good soccer coming from the Squadra.
      • Their goal came as o bolt from the blue: from a trow in, the ball bounced in a crowded box and an opponent kicked it in an acrobatic lucky way, Rizzi was feezed twice. 1-0
      • Squadra started to react, Bomber Martino stops a ball with a hand in a crowded box, the referee does not whistle, he shoots, but the ball is blocked by Novoli’s keeper.
      • After a trow in Metin potects a ball he turns and cross it, the ball is deviated by a defender……pole! Unlucky chanche!
      • 20130827_donpino

        Bomber Martino’s censored reaction

        During a counterattack Rossi with a great header, assists bomber Martino, he is now alone in front of the keeper, he shoots with as sure hit, but in the end hits the internal pole! His reaction is crealrly censored in this report…

      • IUE Calcio continues to attack, a Novoli devender pressed by the gentle presence of Treno freaks out and instead of wiping the ball out, cross it to the center of the box, Bomber Martino, blessed by the presence of El Eternal in his house for a whole week, receives the ball exactly on his head and reacts with a powerful squash… 1-1
Second half: 
  • The second half continues as the first was ended: IUE attacking and Novoli defending.
  • Gabo “Quadrado” pushes with a double speed,  and has a couple of chanches to run directly in front of  their keeper
  • Martino has the chance to go double but his header after a cross from gabo goes out.
  • Time for subs and fresh energies: Lore(Leo) Pazzo(Martino) Jan(Jonas)
  • Gabo starts a run from the left side, going centre dribbles a couple of opponents and when at the centre and serves me in vertical inside the box with a great assist, i have only to run and shoot the ball with the right foot to get the deserved advantage 2-1 !
  • The game started to be nervous, Cosimo from the bench was rousing the team, Novoli became more aggressive but IUE calcio wasn’t able to keep the ball as they are use,
  • IUE seemed only waitng for the final whistle, even with the fresh Latin Army (Luis & Jonathan) and Martijn “Nocciolone” on the pitch.
  • All this tention brought to the unbelievable, after a great match accidentally Frank MC deviated an harmless cross from Novoli to his own goal…. 2-2 The accident
Gabo disappoined

Gabo disappointed by the final result

Everyone was shocked and the time left to reach again the advantage was too small.The game ended with a draw but with the taste of the defeat.


Thirth: half
@finnegan: after some consoling beer FR7 gave his goodbye speeck

Has been a tremendously unlucky game that probably levels the luck we had against Romito, but with some good news: everyone scores in this team and even the oldies (Martino Giuntini) are finally unlocked.

The dream in B1 continues, 14 pts, and Arci la Vedetta waiting for us in Sesto Fiorentino next tuesday. Stay tuned!