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V of Vendetta… and Victory!

On Friday the Super Golden Cows played more than a game, the herd had its Vendetta. It was a hard and important match: if we win we will play the Golden League, if not The Silver one. But, the Golden Cows can get no satisfaction with a simple silver league…

What a pan!

Last Wednesday the Golden Cows came back to the victory path with an historic 13-0. The legend of this wonderful team is spreading around the world.

The Gremlin Cows go to the pool

The Gremlin Cows are not proficient in swimming and water polo and we suffered the attacks of the ponds even more than the rivals’ defense. Despite the terrible conditions, the Golden Cows performed at an exquisite level, but we didn’t get lucky.

Two in a row

The game was harder than expected, the goals were fewer and the weather was shit. But we learned a value lesson: all the teams have improved. Yet, we are no longer a group of cows. We are a herd; we are a team and a wonderful team.

Cinco golitos tiene el Torito

On Wednesday the 22th of January the Herd of Cows came back to the victory path. The game started with an overwhelming superiority of the cows, and it continued like this during the 50 minutes