Squadra Fantastica Match reports

A Cold Tuesday Night in Campo di Marte

Real Madrid and Barcelona and their galaxy of stars might be able to walk through Osasuna on a sunny Spanish afternoon, but would they show up on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke? For some fans of English football, a midweek trip to Stoke in the winter months has come to symbolise the ultimate test […]

10 minutes into it & Squadra got intimate

EUI Calcio 3 -0 I’Girone 25 October 2016 After the long pre-season training in the SchifaNou camp and the home ground Cerreti, All players of our beloved Squadra showed great determination of going further and further. Mixing the ‘Old’ experienced players with the so-called ‘Freshies’ new players on one pitch gave us a huge advantage […]

IUE Squadra Fantastica’s promising start of the season

The season has started! In preparation for the first match of the season, IUE’s fantastic squad left for a strategic training camp of four days, working amongst others on tactical formation (Thursday, Fiasco), fitness (Friday, Cerreti), dominating the playing field (Saturday, Finnegan’s), and collective-response-mechanisms to individual breakdowns (Sunday, Schifanoia – thanks for that Gabo). Especially […]

Match Report IUE Calcio 7 – I Girone 2

Last Tuesday, 19/04/2016, IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica played against I Girone at our beloved Coliseum Cerreti. It was a very special date for all EUI members since it was the 40th Anniversary of the EUI, one more reason to win the game. Squadra wanted to continue with the amazing performance of the previous 6 games […]