Squadra Fantastica Match reports

A special birthday

It was around 9pm and I was at my office staring to a bunch of nasty equations that did not want to collaborate to our research goals but I really could imagine that I was so close of some other goals. Few minutes before that Luis told me that if I want I could join […]

IUE Calcio – Romito 1:1

The day of the home game was beautiful, the weather was spectacular, but everyone in the team seemed a bit nervous for the upcoming match. After two well-played and deserved victories, we wanted to continue the winning streak. Romito being a relatively good team, and the temperatures sinking to near zero, our mood was challenged […]

Quona – IUE Calcio 0:1

Against Quona, IUE Calcio had a good chance to match its incredible two victories record streak this season (Barca who?). After a decent game, we managed to live up to the expectations of our tifosi, so confident in the result that they did not bother showing up. The infamous microclimate of Molin del Piano probably […]

01/03/2016 Cerreti On Tuesday, On Tuesday, The Squadra Fantastica played another game against the oddly named “Equipe 86”. IUE has played this team over and over in the last years, and we knew them pretty well. However, nobody is still capable of explaining their strange name. I decided to consider as a tribute to the […]