Cinco golitos tiene el Torito

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DSC02329   On Wednesday the 22th of January the Herd of Cows came back to the victory path. The game started with an overwhelming superiority of the cows, and it continued like this during the 50 minutes. Our Cowboy was a western gunman whose target was the arbitro cazzo di testa (it was more or less something like this). However, Torito managed to maintain the calm and guided us with his wisdom. He deserved a reward for all the goals we weren’t able to score during last matches, so we gave him 5. 

DSC02336   It was also the second match without goals against! And this was mainly because our defense and goalie. Marilú Captain and Commander caught all the balls in our mild field and passed them with accuracy to the attack. She even joined the push-up dogma and became striker a couple of times. At her side in defense was Nú(t)ria ManoLarga who can play even deaf. Calm and secure, she played the ball with intelligence and shot our free kicks with quite good precision. The defense was prodigious… maybe too much, because Ieva the Word was falling asleep in the goal. However, we want her to participate in the match, so we provide her with 2 crazy minutes in which she almost has a heart attack and finally wake up (it was more or less like this). 

DSC02334   Yesterday was also the day of returns. Inken came back from Germany and performed exquisite as always. Two hours after arriving to Santa Maria Novella (after 15 hours travelling by train) she was running the wing, strong in defense and superb in the attack. The Eye of the Tiger is back and fighting for the Capocannoniere with one of the most beautiful goals of the match. But the competition for being the golden boot of the herd is getting harder. With the Mum/Sister of Goshua back on the pitch, the team gained spettacolo and my dears what a spettacolo! She is fast and unpredictable, so when I found myself in the middle of her way in my first minute, she killed me with her look. She scored twice but it might perfectly be 4 of them. She even passed the ball generously to C.C., such gesture of kindness was totally unexpected (see the reaction of the bench) so, the ball was lost in the attack. Anne Push-Up-Push-Up+Give&Go implemented her ballerina skills to score the second goal, and her strong shot to score the first. Providing us with attitude and fierceness, she scared the Ludus Theater Club team and we were very pleased of it. Our American Spirit is back, and ready to kick everything that gets in her way to the goal. 

DSC02335   And now we start with the attack that Inken baptized as “Did they pay you to not score?!” Because, we had fucking awesome opportunities and I can’t believe we missed them. Sanne Blond Torita got confused and instead of kicking the ball she kicked LTC player shins (something like this). She was in the second crossbar in our free kicks and pushing our attack without reward. The Darth Vader family was as breathless as always, but this time not only because of the sprints but because we were uttering blasphemies at the same time we tried to run. Francesca la Fantastica Asfaltatrice had the clearest opportunities of the match. The Italian side of little Corleone was present while arguing with Ludus bench (a sort of) and her frustration was as clearest as her occasions (something like this). But is not her fault is just a chip off the old block: von Darth Vader Senior was also frustrated and doing epic fails. Because, on the one hand, I almost died in the two crazy minutes running the wing 7 times in a row and on the other hand, I was so surprised of my awesome control and shot that I suffered few seconds of astonishment. But Sara Maria is always up to help, so she shot me in the neck and I woke up again, just to miss the clearest opportunity of my whole life (something like this

   But this herd never walks alone. The Curva di lusso title is also a competitive race, Magali Patata Brava scared Ludus players, Jan The Poet and Elena The Climber were writing new lyrics, and Ghiaccio Lore and little prince Marco were our most devoted fans. Not to forget our sheep-dog Goshi, who was playing and asking for shots to everyone who passed by. And last but not least, Bea as the photographer. Who is not allowed to take more pictures, by Darth Vader ordinance.

   Report by Lai(l)a Fox Sánchez von Darth Vader