#CoppaPavone: Call for Teams

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It is that time of the year again…time for the prestigious COPPA PAVONE! The one and only football tournament of the year, which is taking place just here and involves the whole EUI community.

Coppa Pavone will take place from Monday 30th of May to Thursday 9th of June, one day before the June Ball (bear in mind that these dates could be altered depending on the number of teams participating). It will be played at our very own campo sportivo of calcetto at Villa Schifanoia.

We can already confirm that on Wednesday 18th of May, Bar Fiasco will host once again the Official Draw of Coppa Pavone. A few days after the calendar will go public.

This year both Coppa Pavone and Coppa Pavone Femminile are taking place during the same dates. Both tournaments are perfectly compatible and all players will be allowed to register for both competitions and it will be absolutely feasible for them to play for both of them.

All the news about Coppa Pavone will be published on the EUI Calcio Blog and on the official Facebook Group & Page.

In order to register for the tournament, the Coppa Pavone Committee (CPC) needs the official application of teams, indicating clearly:

– team’s name
– name of players and their link to the EUI
– team’s captain
– t-shirt colour
– walk-on theme

Teams can be of any size (with a limitation of 15 players), but the rules state that there must always be at least one female player on the pitch at all times. The whole rules for the tournament registration are available to download as PDF here: RegistrationRulesCP2016 Please remember that all participants MUST be RELATED with the EUI.

DEADLINE: Please send the teams on Monday 16th of May at the latest to [email protected].

If you have a team, you can register it as such, otherwise you can just sign up and be part of the pool of participants from which the Coppa Pavone Committee (CPC) will create several balanced teams. In order to create the teams, we need: name, link with the EUI and any schedule constraint. The teams, on the pitch, should be made up of 4 women and 1 man who must be the goalkeeper.
DEADLINE: Please send the teams / individual participation on Friday 13th of May at the latest to [email protected], so the CPC can start creating the teams and fixing the calendar.

The detailed rules of the game for both the Coppa Pavone and the Coppa Pavone Femminile will be distributed later. But we would already now draw everyone’s attention to the rule that it will be strictly forbidden to play with football shoes with studs in order to guarantee the safety of the rest of the players and to protect the surface of the pitch. No exceptions will be made.

Hope to see you all there!

All the best,
Coppa Pavone Committee