#CoppaPavone2018: Schedule

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This is the schedule for the group stages of the #CoppaPavone2018 that will run from Monday, June 4, until Monday, June 11. Quarterfinals will be held on Tuesday, June 12, while Semifinals are on Wednesday, June 13. The finals for #CoppaPavone2018 and #CPF2018 will be played on Thursday, June 14.

+ + + UPDATE (May 31):¬†One minor change happened compared to the schedule previously announced through those media channels. The game of Monday (4/06) at 11pm was moved to 6pm. This is done in order to let the kids from the EUI creche play an exhibition game from approx 17.30-18.00 and let them walk on “Champions league style” during the first game. + + +

The schedule is still subject to small changes by the #CoppaPavone2018 Committee. So all team captains are advised to check this page regularly.

Coppa Pavone and CP Femminile 2018 Group Stages Schedule

Coppa Pavone and CP Femminile 2018 Group Stages Schedule.