Coppa Pavone 2019 Schedule

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The most awaited football event of the year is finally here! The Coppa Pavone 2019 starts this Monday (June 3rd) on the world-famous pitch of Camp SchifaNou (right by Villa Schifanoia).

We are honoured to kick off the event at 5:30 pm with a match from our little champions from the EUI crèche, aka the Futuri Campioni Spettacolo. At 6pm, we will continue with what the bookmakers have declared one of the most intense matches ever: Mad Max vs Dr Carmen and Rafa. (However, this claim is strongly contested…)

Then, as per tradition, we open the Coppa Pavone 2019 officially with the Opening Ceremony, starting at 7pm. In the ceremony, the teams participating to the tournament will parade in front of the whole EUI Community, showing off their dancing skills on the sound of their walk-on themes (just like a true peacock).  The parade will be followed by the inaugural speech by a distinguished speaker, whose identity shall be disclosed then.

We hope to see many of you at SchifaNou this Monday, as well as in the following days. If you want to check when your favourite team is playing, you can consult the schedule below:

Coppa Pavone 2019 Schedule

Coppa Pavone 2019 Schedule

(NB: For those of youse bloody schasaugert, as we say in Vienna, click to enlarge…)

Please note that, as agreements between the Captains are still in progress, the schedule might be subject to variations, which will be communicated through this blog and on the Coppa Pavone page on Facebook (@Coppa Pavone, also on Twitter @IUECalcio). Do not forget to check both for the latest Coppa development!

And if you’re not playing football, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered! Thanks to our beloved Fiasco managers and volunteers, you’ll always find beverages, beers and burgers (also vegan). So come and join us on the pitch to cheer your favourite team! Also, don’t forget that we are also looking for the next Best Curva! This year again, those supporters who will be deemed the loudest will get the recognition they most certainly deserve: the Coppa Curva Award.

The whole Coppa Pavone Committee (CPC) is looking forward to welcoming you all on Camp SchifaNou this Monday!