UPDATE: When does #CoppaPavone start? Dates, kick-off time & group game schedule announced

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All the important dates and information ahead of the tournament including the date and time of the opening game and all Coppa Pavone games now available.

The AICS and Mad Cows seasons may have ended but this summer will see another festival of football in Florence. San Domenico’s best teams will face-off at the Coppa Pavone. It includes this year 17 teams, the #CoppaPavoneFeminile includes four teams.

Thousands of EUI fans, tifosi, and a small but determined group of ultras are set to travel over to SchifaNou for the tournament. The first game of the tournament sees Carmen take on Flush Royale on Monday, May 30, 6pm.

The opening ceremony will take place at the stadium after the second match, which is Schumaniacs against Salviateci at 7pm. The ceremony includes all teams of CP and CPF and includes the main oration of a well-known EUI and CP legend. It starts at 8pm and is followed by Montecarla Spettacolo Forever against Cinghiali at 9pm.

You may have to organise some time off work for the first week with matches starting at 6pm each day.

Last year’s winners Hurrikeynes will enter the tournament with a match against the newly formed Inglorious Ballstars also on Monday, May 30. This match promises to be one of the highlights of the first week. Kick-off time is 11pm and depending on the state of the Webmaster (due to the late kick-off) the match might be live on #CoppaPavone and @IUECalcio (but if Bar Fiasco manages to keep the beer cold, live broadcasting is very unlikely).

In the first week, matches are played daily from Monday to Friday between 6pm and 11pm (kick-off time). Coppa Pavone Feminile will start on Tuesday, May 31, with Schumaniacs Girls facing a newly formed team (name TBC) at 9pm.

The first week concludes on Friday, June 29, with the Group C match First-Order Conditions against Inglorious Ballstars. Week 2 starts with the conclusion of the group stages on Monday, June 6, and the Group D’s 1st-year researchers’ derby Banter Squad against Wolfpack. Kick-off time is 7pm.

A total of eight teams will qualify from the group stages for the knockout rounds including first and second place in all four groups. The first knockout round takes place on Tuesday, June 7. The Quarterfinals are played on Wednesday, June 8, at 9pm and 10pm respectively.

Coppa Pavone and Coppa Pavone Feminile 2016 will last two weeks, with the final of the CP at SchifaNou on Thursday, June 9. Kick-off time is 10pm. The Award Ceremony follows the final at 11pm. The losers of the Semifinals will face each other at 8pm on the same day. The CPF final follows this match at 9pm.

The detailed schedule can be downloaded as PDF here: CoppaPavone2016ScheduleNEW Final Version

Happy #CoppaPavone and #CoppaPavoneFeminile and always keep in mind #NoAllaCoppaModerna !!!