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June 4, 2016 was a memorable day in the history of IUE Calcio. While we celebrate the successful conclusion of the season every year at a BBQ in Presi’s garden, this year was different to previous years. June 2016 saw the conclusion of their professional AICS carreer of some of the most legendary and most respected players in the history of IUC Calcio. One of those players, Francesco Martino, known as “Bomber”, quit professional football for good and joined the most honourable group of EUI members, those of “IUE Calcio Legends”.

Together with Bomber Martino, shadow mister Jan Karremans, Pazzo Alberto Horst Neidhardt, and Diego D-19 Garzia joined the ranks of Squadra Legends.

While the Squadra Senators honour their most heroic players on and off the pitch with the status of Legends, the IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica is not just a bunch of individual players but a collective. It is this collective that makes a great player and a great leader a true Legends. Thus, this video is an homage not only to Bomber and all the new Legends, moreover, it is a true homage to all those who made them Legends РPresi, the Senators, the players and supporters of IUE Calcio!

Thank you, Bomber! Thank you, Jan! Thank you, Pazzo! Thank you, D19! You will always be in the hearts of all those who shared the colours of IUE Calcio with you! #ForzaIUE

Protagonisti assouluti, legende pure, che campioni
che spettacolo!