‘Historians for Presi in Florence’ launched

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Following revelations that Presi Alexander Trechsel is leaving the EUI this summer, Historians playing for the IUE Squadra launched the campaign “Historians for Presi in Florence.” The campaign is linked to the broader initiative #No2Trexit. At a meeting in the early hours of Monday, June 13, in the so-called “glass room” of the Villa Schifanoia Mensa, the large contingent of Squadra-affiliated historians around future Mister Jonathan Fink-Jensen and Webmaster Dieter Reinisch formulated following statement:

As historians of the Squadra and the EUI, we believe that a Presi withdrawal from the EUI would irretrievably damage Squadra’s position in AICS and undermine for decades to come the stability and coherence of what would once again be an underperforming team.

For centuries, the Squadra has played a central part in shaping San Domenico’s physical and psychological evolution, whether through the rich patterns of cross-Departmental gossip and cultural exchange, through participation in the Coppa Pavone, or in diplomatic efforts to secure the renovation of SchifaNou. In 1981, the Squadra was the only EUI entity able to bring to much of San Domenico the “Rules of the Game” and the enthusiasm of sports that rowing and the gym had torn up. This legacy of #CheSpettacolo still underpins our standing at the EUI and Florence.

The EUI today – including the Squadra – faces more and greater challenges than at any time since 1976. They include Presidential change, a 3-in-a-row for the Hurrikeynes at the Coppa, the crisis of the goalkeeper due to Ollie’s operation, and the need to sell all the new scarfs. All these challenges originated at the EUI; all can merely be solved by pursuing narrow IUE Calcio interests. In other words, to meet them, Squadra players need to pool their collective resources, and that includes a Presi commitment to sustain the ideal of a successful Squadra that was fought for across the past century. There exists a structure for Campioni to co-operate: it is called the IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica. It is still a relatively young and imperfect structure, subject to the competing and often conflicting interests of EUI Researchers. But it is the only structure we have!

A Presi exit would weaken that structure. It would deprive the Squadra of one of its largest and most prosperous role models. It would encourage other players and legends to threaten their own exit if narrow football demands are not met. Given the dangers it currently faces, the Squadra cannot afford this kind of splintering and with it all the dangers of inter-departmental rivalry and insecurity that bedevilled Fiesole’s history before 1976.

By all means, then, press for reform of the IUE Squadra to make it more flexible, less bureaucratic, more responsive to its supporters. But this has to be done from within, not from the margins where the Trexiters’ “Little Squadra” would confine us. The IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica has always been at its greatest when fully engaged with Presi, at its weakest when it has preferred to shuffle away. Let our Squadra now reaffirm its commitment to our Presi.

C’è solo un Presidente!”