IUE Calcio – Romito 1:1

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The day of the home game was beautiful, the weather was spectacular, but everyone in the team seemed a bit nervous for the upcoming match. After two well-played and deserved victories, we wanted to continue the winning streak. Romito being a relatively good team, and the temperatures sinking to near zero, our mood was challenged and the prospects of the game were not promising. However, the sight of Vince’s new hairstyle and Olli’s completely shaved face gave us some new sources of inspiration for success on, and outside, the pitch.
The formation of the players decided by the Misters turned out to be our famous, almost invinsible 3-5-2. This decision was met with great happiness and determination by our so pressure-and-attack-loving Squadra, as this style of playing requires use of all the extra energy that has been gathering up over holidays and long nights. Indeed boys, beach season is coming..
The starting formation was the following:
Carl Reto Simon
Frederico Gazza Gabo Vince
Özgür Tore
Olli had newly arrived from England only to support the team in this important game. We were lucky that he came, as he gave us a great sense of security. He made an impressive performace in goal, with some – by the other team – unmatchable moves, in the fashion of the legendary Peter Schmeichel.
The game started with a nervous atmosphere, mutual mistakes, and a persistant inability to keep the ball, occurring in both teams. Nevertheless, after an ambitious, beautiful and hard shot at goal by Tore, unfortunately saved by the other team’s goalkeeper, the Squadra was back in shape and felt confident to play attack.
The defense (Carl – Reto – Simon), with its almost flawless performance, was crucial for the team’s ability to play an attack-heavy game. Gazza – with his every-present destructive force on the pitch – is likely to have become the permanent nightmare of the other team’s players who were foolish enough to try to attack us. Running like the wind, and too fast for the opposite team, Gabo moved the game up.
Around 5 minutes before half-time, I made our first – and only – goal of the game. This was made possible by the heavy backbone of our team, and a brilliant assist by Gabo.
The second half started with Dimitri coming in for Diego. However, this half did not start well for us. Only three minutes in, a left-footed free kick from the other team unluckily made its way into our goal. The players on the bench were getting more and more anxious to join the game, and two minutes after the goal, Bomber came in for Özgür. After Bomber joined the game, there numbers of cross-passes significantly increased. After this, Lian came in for Frederico, and managed to strengthen the midfield. As the game continued, Dieter, well-spirited by the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, and Jonathan, joined the game, changing with Gabo and Simon, and provided us with some new energy. This addition helped us to keep our game and mood up, but unfortunately we were unable to score another goal.
The game ended with a draw of 1–1. We didn’t win, but we didn’t loose either. This makes it three games in a row that we have not lost with our 3-5-2. If we keep up this technique and strategy in the future, it is likely to be free from losses.
Forza IUE!!!!!!