IUE Calcio – San Martino 0-0. Match report by our ultrà Elie Michel

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IUE Calcio – San Martino 0-0. Match report by Elie Michel


The game of IUE Calcio against San Martino proved to be a frustrating one, in many respects. But frustration is certainly no obstacle for the squadra to move on.


Squadra fantastica started the game with the 4-2-3-1 that is now starting to function smoothely.


Bjorn      –    Karremans –        Ludvig –        –     Dieter

                   Reto    –      Pazzo

Gabo-                                           Vincent


Bench: Luis, Lian, Elie, Lore, Leo. Presi.


1ST half: San Martino is not the fiercest opponent the squadra has come accross, and quickly the boys in white and blue could start playing their game. Our strong midfield  was doing what he knows the best; getting the balls back, launching the torpedos Facchini and Maurin on the sides, and shouting at the referee. IUE calico is not the type of team that blames the ref’s decision to justify its results. The game is fast, calls are tough to make, and the man in yellow is alone. The ref of that night was clearly out of shape (the guy was certainly old enough to have witnessed the 55-56 Fiorentina scudetto) and he obviously had had one or two glasses of grappa in his life. He took his decisions accordingly. Frustration of the first half was characterized by Dimitri: one beautiful free kick on the post, and an easy occasion stopped for a completely imaginary off-side. Luckily unable to speak Italian he could just stare at the ref, his arms in the air. 0-0 at half time, we would correct that in the second half.



2nd half: and this went on for another half. IUE Calcio had the ball, the occasions, was safe in defence, but didn’t manage to score a goal. The squadra did not do anything wrong, it just wouldn’t go in. The coaches decided to make the entire panchina entire the pitch. The “quattro L” (Lore, Lian, Leo and Luis) came  in to bring Italian experience and South American grinta. But the whole panchina  entered the pitch. Including the Ultra, for his first appearance under on the pitch with the blue and white jersey. Obviously more at ease in the curva than on the pitch, still a moment of great pride. However, the game went on as it was, frustrating. Final whistle 0-0.


3rd half: As the first pints were drunk in Finnegan, the blue and white boys were a little worn out from this disappointing result. That game was in the squadra’s reach. But you all know how the story goes in Finnegan: glasses clinked, shots were gulped down. We sang the hymn, speeches were given, and the squadra was happy again. Final frustration (really the theme of this night) came for Presi. His lousy attempt to run over Ultra with his Panda failed. Because That night he had the spirit of the squadra fantastica: get up and fight back.

Next game against Crystal Piazza will prove that accumulated frustration leads  to anger. Anger will lead to aggressive football. And aggressive football will lead the squadra were it belongs: on top of the league.