The first of many p(o)ints to come

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Match report nr 1 by Jan Karremans

A new season of IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica is already well on the way. As usual, the engine that makes the Squadra run works like a diesel: it has a slow start but is well designed for travelling long distances. This is especially true in those years with a high turnover of Protagonist Assoluti.

This is especially true this year.

It was only four months ago that we proclaimed Reto Burgisser and Dieter Reinisch forever Legends of the Squadra, and they are now bringing the torch of Spettacolo Puro to other parts of Europe and the world. In the meantime, a great number and a great quality of newcomers have joined us, and thanks to the managing of the Misters, the Squadra-machine has started rolling again.

Last Tuesday this resulted in the first point of the season so far. True, 1 point is not a lot, but how this point came about is indicative of a longer-term process that Squadra has entered. The level of playing is developing week after week, and points are bound to come in. This new Squadra will travel again a long distance and the only limit it can reach is the sky which, by the way, wears the colours of IUE Calcio.

The game last Tuesday against Equipe 84 started with the following formation:

Goalie: Samu Capone

Defence: Myself, Captain Skipka, Tim ‘Vertonghen’ Schittekatte

Midfield: Sergi Piquetinho, Lucas Xabi Alonso, Diego Iniesta, Harry Lynnegan

Nr 10: Mister Marcon

Stirkers: Mister Jasper, Alessandro ‘Human Resource’ Ricci

At disposal: Moussadona, the other Johannes, Pietro Panizza, Baltic-man, Jonathan Fink-Basten

Coach: Mister Mads

Tifosi: Sami Schmidt, Daniela Attorre

During the first half of Tuesday’s game, the Squadra was passing the ball from the left to the right, back, forward, creating many chances. Our opponents only had a chance in the very first minute: through a corner kick, their striker had a free opportunity to shoot, but this only resulted in showing how good our new goalkeeper Samuele is: an instant cat-like reaction, in the great tradition of his predecessors: Michael Reiter, Marco Rizzi, Gatto de Angelis, Cosimo Bartoli, Oliver Garner and Doman.

Then, we started playing our game. The exercise practised in the previous training immediately gave its fruits, with Lucas Xabi Alonso and Diego Iniesta administering the ball in the midfield, and every now and then illuminating with great passes to the wingers Lynnegan and Piquetinho. Many chances were created, as the only thing I remember from the first half was the ball rolling in front of Equipe’s goal-line. In our next training, we are going to practice how to move it beyond the goal line. We are a diesel engine in the end.

At halftime, we went to the dressing room. A great team-spirit emerged there: confidence about playing good football, keeping each other sharp for the long second half to come.

And so we entered the pitch with the same spirit, rolling the ball and creating chances. I remember a beautiful shot by Mister Jasper that went out for just 1 centimetre. Our goal had to come from our defender that since he has arrived has also been our top scorer: Simon Header Skipka.

We continued by pressing high and when breath started running short, we helped each other to make it to the end. We were almost there, but in the extra time, the referee gave a very generous free kick in a favourable position for Equipe 84. A well-trained 40-year Italian took it: he knows exactly how to kick it, the ball went via the post into the back of our net. Shit happens.

The final two minutes was a wave of Blue into Equipe’s half. We were bringing the ball in front of their goal but unfortunately lacked the lucidity to push it into the net.

Result: 1-1 of a dominated game. The type of game that – once the engine is on fire – will be won with many goals by many of us. All of this will come in the near future, week after week, training after training, game after game.

And, not to forget: beer after the game.

The night ended at our usual Finnegan, where our Harry Lynnegan is now working. A tradition that never grows old; a pub that better prepare itself for many more celebrations to come!

Forza IUE!!!!