MISSING WARRIOR COWS: HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? Reward for information: a night of free spritz

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   On Thursday the Mad Cows didn’t play a football game, they were still on holidays. Thinking more in phantom of past Christmas than in the present battle, our total defeat was totally deserved. Is not that we didn’t play our best, is that we were close to our worst. We started slow, with a poor attitude and thinking on the missing players more than in the colleagues that were there.

   With a terrible first 5 minutes, the former Warrior Cows were asking for the time and praying to every single God that it might exist for a death without much pain. And the point is, my dears, that we can do it better. It’s a matter of attitude and effort. We cannot go to the matches as a herd that is going to the slaughterhouse. We are good enough and we have to believe in ourselves. We learned the lesson; we don’t like to lose like this. So, we have to train harder, go for a ball as if our lives depend on it and help and talk with our colleagues on the pitch.

   However, not everything was bad. A few signs of the phantom of the Warrior Cows appeared. The Von Darth Vader family was breathing with lots of difficulties after running up and down both wings several times. Francesca Corleone La Fantastica Asfaltatrice (you know, as my daughter she deserve lots of names) was shouting as a Spartan warrior and scaring the Quinto Alto players. Even the hand of God of Nú(t)ria Mano Larga appeared (again without punishment). The mad side of the cows was also present, with Magali Patata Brava yelling “OH I KNOW WHAT A NUTRIA IS! I GOOGLE IT!!” With the few dignity we had left, the Warrior Cows resisted to totally disappear from the game. We had few occasions of goal, without reward.

   It is true that they played amazingly. They controls were sublime, they were fast, they knew each other quite well, and the most important thing: they had THE ATTITUDE of a winner. However, the goals were more our fault than their merit. Next week we play again to Golden Gaya, we know that we cannot win, but there is a difference between losing and let them win. Because we know how to do it, because our Torito deserves a golito, and because our goalie shouldn’t have the bad time Elena The Indiana Climber had, I challenge you to improve the previous result against Golden Gaya and, at least, a goal.

   Because, as I said in the first report:

Like the legend of the Phoenix

All ends with beginnings

What keeps the planet spinning

The force from the beginning.

We’ve come too far

To give up who we are…

Report by Lai(l)a Fox Sánchez von Darth Vader