Novoli IUE 1-4 Match Report “Overcoming the saturday afternoon fever”

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And again, as happened on the last years, here we come to one of the most dreaded matches of the season, the away game on Saturday afternoon against Novoli. In this case the point is not the strength of the opponent (last position in the league chart) but the fact that every year this game comes straight after a fiasco party. Last year we badly lost, half of the team was still hangover coming directly from the after-party with red eyes, Pazzo running without a logic and even scoring a goal without his knowledge, Cosimo with a clear disconnection between his brain and his body, just to mention some examples.
This year thing went different and with some exceptions (the drunk man on the picture and the undersigned photographer) the squadra showed an unexpected maturity, avoiding to repeat the same errors. Here are the starting 11:
Olli Carl Jonathan Salvo Jonas
Reto Simon Ozgur Giuntinho Andres
Bench: Fred, Dieter, Pazzo, Albert Mr elegance: L. Rojas
Curva: Diego Garzia Jan Karremans Elie Michel
The result was clear from the very first minutes. IUE Calcio showed immediately its superiority in terms of strength technical skills organization and youthfulness. Andres shot and got the post maybe on the first minute, then we started dominating the game and creating many chances. In one one those, Ozgur got the ball on the right wing, set him free from the defender and crossed a low ball to Andres for an easy and precise conclusion: goal 1-0. The game was under control, creating chanches and playing the ball properly but, as usual happens in football, Novoli with the only lucky action from a randomly bouncing ball, scores a goal and ties the game. At that point the history of last year games was repeating and everyone was afraid to draw or even loose the game again. We started to loose control of the game and fall into their trap, they were provoking us and putting the game on the nervous levels. The fist half ends 1-1 On the second half they did their best to stop us, their strategy was to play with high defense, put us into offside (that happened hundred times) and interrupt the game with many faults. But this year they didn’t succeed. The squadra fantastica (alchool-free version) restarted to play like the first 30 minutes and finally Simon scored the decisive goal unraveling the knot in a very crowded situation inside the box. 1-2.
At this point Novoli was exhausted and depressed and on the specially because on other side we let our subs in, putting new freshness and quality into the game: Ozgur for Fred, Pazzo for Reto, Albert for Andres and Dieter for Carl Was an assault, we created and missed many chances to close the game, but I (that I spent most of first half to recover the post fiasco) had to come into the scene and in two simple steps, put the very end to the game. 1: long central vertical ball from Jonathan, i avoid the offside trap and find myself in front of the goalkeeper. He comes toward me, then when i pretend to execute a lob, he stops and gives me the opportunity to dribble him and score with my left foot on a free goal: 1-3
2: few minutes after Albert on the left wing, two defenders on him, he filters the ball on the center towards me and from 30 meters far I immediately shot to the second post. The result was perfect in terms of strength and trajectory, the ball goes exactly at the posts intersection (al sette) and I heard the roar of the whole stadium 360 from every direction (opponents included) Something like this:… 1-4
They surrounded, the game came to the end and we all went all celebrating with the Curva and then straight to Finnegan.