#CP2017 Opening Ceremony & Rules

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It is with great pleasure that the Coppa Pavone Committee invites the entire EUI community (and we when we say “entire”, we f***** mean it!) to the Opening Ceremony of Coppa Pavone 2017 that will take place on Monday, May 29th at 20:00h on the well-known football pitch next to Villa Schifanoia.

We also want to take this opportunity to specifically invite ALL the teams and their respective fan-bases to attend the event – wearing of course the respective teams’ colours! As part of the ceremony, all teams will parade on the pitch on the respective walk-on themes. Next to the regular, highly prestigious awards the teams will be playing for in the following weeks, we will also introduce an award for the best Curva, to be elected by all team captains. For all the fans the opening ceremony is therefore a great first opportunity to make themselves heard.

Finally, we have also attached the rules of the game for this years’ Coppa; please click on following link to download the PDF: GamingRulesCP_2017. Be informed that, except for potential penalty series (see rules 6 and 9), the rules are similar to last year.

We hope to see many of you (many, did we say “many”? No, ALL of you!) on Monday – and the days after!

CPC 2017