Our debut in B1: Match report by Il Kaiser

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(Due to the absence of the Global Administrator, this match report is written under my name, however all the credits go to Riccardo Emilio Chesta)

First defeat to grew up. The B2 Championship Holders have met at the first match day the vice-champions to test until where the Fiesolan project of Sir Alex Trechsel could arrive.

The IUE team – become orphaned of El Eternal – has presented itself with a squad changed for one-third but it has stumbled upon a performance that has showed some lights and shadows to work on. For the first minutes, the guys of captain Lucarini have started well, showing good insertions and good geometries and triangles on the lateral lines.
Consequently the more experienced Accidental Tourist decides to play on remittance and helped by a scandalous one-way arbitrage arrived close to score on two inactive balls. The reply of Cosimo is in both case sensational and with two tiger jump the Fiesolan goal-keeper saves twice the goal at few distance.
Afterwards the match goes on with very long teams and quick parallel reversal.
IUE Team pushes but cannot penetrate the grim defense of the Accidental that seems to be dangerous with the break-back.
The first half ends without goals.
The second time starts with more pressure from the Accidental Tourist arriving easier to shoot against the goal defended by the apparently insurmountable Cosimo that thwarts another dangerous occasion: his wondrous deviation crashed on the crossbar.
However, at the most balanced moment, a caught possession on the attacking third costs a brutal counterattack for the IUE: with two quick passages The Accidental cuts out the IUE defense and obliges Cosimo to a desperate coming out, but a high descending trajectory realize the 1-0.
Some substitutions (Arcaron for Captain Lucarini, Garzia for “Cuore Azzurro” Neidhart) tries to give more offensive pressure to IUE. With some raids from Gazzani and the great constant job of Castra the “Squadra Fantastica” becomes more aggressive.
It’s from an inactive ball that arrives as a remittance, the bomb of Van den Brink: the ball gives – from the bleacher to the curve – the illusion of a goal, but brushes against the post to the right of the Accidental goal-keeper.
The final strikes of the Sir Alex Trechsel’s guys, supported by the Blue&White hooligans – arrived to the Cerretti singing from San Domenico – do not close in.
The entrance of Byku seems to make the game sparkling but the match becomes stretched, the tension comes up, the cards begin to fly. During the last second a “Cassanata” costs the expulsion to Byku from a very awful arbitral management.
A beginning season upward for the Squadra Fantastica that, nevertheless has shown in many stops and starts a good fighting spirit and many positive game exchanges to be quite a new team.