Coppa Pavone: registration rules

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The Committee encourage every participant to adhere to the spirit of community and friendliness which characterises and distinguishes the Coppa Pavone and to respect the following rules.

  1. All teams must register to the tournament before Monday 12th of May by sending an email to the Committee at the address [email protected].
  2. Each team must nominate 1 person as a captain. This person will act as liaison with the organisers.
  3. When registering, all teams should indicate the name of the team captain and her/his phone number and email address, name of the team-players and their ‘link’ with the EUI and the colour of the team equipment.
  4. The teams must consist of both female and male members. There is no limit as for the number of players from each of the sexes which can be registered in a team. There is a limit of 15 players per team but rule 4 applies
  5. Any Coppa Pavone team can include a maximum of 3 players from the current IUE Calcio team who have played over 400 minutes in the first 25 games of the 2013/2014 AICS Season (see the list below). No limit is set with respect to both current Squadra players who have played less than 400 minutes and former players of IUE Calcio.
  6. Teams can only have a maximum of 5 members on the pitch. There must be at least one player of each sex at any given time of the game (at least one male and at least one female player). No exceptions are allowed to this rule.
  7. Teams must consist of persons who are connected to the Institute. By way of example, they could be staff, researchers, and persons who are regularly associated with organised activities within the EUI, but also their partners, direct relatives – mother, father, grandmother, sister… and also).
  8. Only in cases of necessity (injuries, absentees at conferences, etc.) teams can bring new members into their squads after the tournament has already started.  However, the following condition must be met, that the organisers must be informed in due course. The organisers will have the final decision.
  9. The teams should communicate beforehand (at the time of the registration) of any group commitment of the team-members which may overlap with the calendar of the Coppa. The event which may clash with the scheduled matches should be official, but not necessarily related to the EUI. The organisers will do everything possible to adapt the calendar to the teams’ needs and schedule the matches accordingly.
  10. Where one or more than one team consisting of all-female players but one male is formed, members of the team(s) are allowed to register and play in the course of the tournament also in a second team.
  11. By registering to the event, participants consent to the capture of video and still images which may be subsequently published in a number of media, including but not limited to print, digital and electronic use by the European University Institute and by the organisers of the Coppa Pavone. Those who don’t consent it, should notify it during the registration of the team.


Firenze, April 2014

Coppa Pavone Committee





Cosimo Bartoli Marco Rizzi
Johannes Karremans Andrea De Angelis
Patrick Herron Francesco Livi
Vasyl Chorny Javier Alexis Galan Avila
Ludvig Lundsted Jonathan Zaragoza Cristiani
Roberto Miniati Simon Mac Bride
Frank MacNamara Marinus Jacobus Van Den Brink
Julian Byku Francisco Alonso
Gabriel Alejandro Facchini Palma Lukas Hakelberg
Jonas Draege Riccardo Ciacci
Luis Eduardo Rojas Dueñas Francesco Castra
Andrea Gazzani Francesco Rossi
Vincent Maurin Jacob Oberg
Diego Garzia Federico Ortu
Alberto Neidhardt German Gomez Ventura
Albert Arcarons
Leonardo Lucarini
Metin Nebiler
Lorenzo Giuntini
Francesco Martino