#CoppaPavone2018: The Rules

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Please find here the gaming rules for #CoppaPavone2018 and here the gaming rules for #CPFemminile2018.

Experienced CP players (and we don’t mean those lads and lassies who experienced their first Opening Ceremony and their first beer not even a wet weekend ago and then behave as if they won the Coppa Pavone already five times in a row!) will notice that there are minor changes made compared to previous years. Please contact us if you need clarification of the rules or if you have spotted inconsistencies. We count on you that you have taken note of the rules.

Regarding the registration, we are happy to announce that all registered players are deemed to have a sufficiently strong link with the Institute to be able to participate in the tournament. However, this year we want to enforce the rule that each team can have maximum 15 players registered more strongly. Unfortunately, there were 4 teams that did not stick to this rule while there were other teams that made an effort to constrain their selection to 15. In some cases, valid reasons for exceptions were given and therefore we do allow registered players to be replaced by reserves during the tournament. Replaced players will be considered out for the remainder of the tournament and each replacement needs to be notified to the committee. For more details see point 13 under the section ‘Tournament organisation’ in the CP gaming rules. For the teams with more than 15 players registered, please notify us before the start of the tournament who your 15 registered players are. The remainder of the players we will see as reserves.

It is also important to add that we will play CP with type 4 outdoor calcetto balls which bounce slightly more than the previously used non-bouncy type 4 indoor calcetto balls. CPF will remain to play with the same type of balls as used last year.

Your #CoppaPavone2018 Committee