Squadra Fantastica and Mad Cows meet for dinner

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The Squadra Fantastica and the Mad Cows both share the habit of going regularly for a pizza after training, but… the male football players of the EUI have always been too shy to ask their female counterparts to join. Now, since the Squadra has truly become a Squadra di Campioni the time has come to stop this disgrace: Friday 4 October, after their training session @Cerreti, the Squadra is going for dinner to Osteria al Peposo, and the Mad Cows are invited. Let’s see if they dare to come!

Meeting time is 22.30, un orario da campioni, in Via Passavanti 2

Hopefully this will become the beginning of a cooperation (or a love story) in which a delegation of the Squadra goes to support the Mad Cows at their games and the Mad Cows go to the Squadra games (as they already did before).

See you all on friday!

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