Campo di Marte – IUE Calcio 0-2 – Back to victory!

Monday october 27th, here we are, ready to attend the classic AICS serie B “Derby”: Campo di Marte vs IUE Calcio The IUE starting line is so composed: 4-2-3-1                              Cosimo Byku      –    Karremans –        Salvo –   […]

Campo di Marte – IUE Calcio 1-3 “Impossible is Nothing.”

  A tale of two halves: Campo di Pianti vs IUE Calcio Riccardo Ciacci April 8, 2014 “Lives of great men all remind us greatness takes no easy way. All the heroes of tomorrow are the heretics of today.” ~ Yip Harburg ~ (quote of the day according to, also Wikiquote is celbrating IUE’s victory!) “Few […]

Equipe 86 – IUE Calcio 0-2 Flying Gazza!

Match rewport by Gazza (!) Another victory for IUE calcio, this time won by suffering and seized with heart but for this reason possibly even more fulfilling. The first spring day of 2014 was molested by a soft rain falling on the gladiatorial arena of Cerreti as the first players of the Squadra approached the dressing room. The atmosphere was weird since the usual Friday […]