#CP2017 Opening Ceremony & Rules

It is with great pleasure that the Coppa Pavone Committee invites the entire EUI community (and we when we say “entire”, we f***** mean it!) to the Opening Ceremony of Coppa Pavone 2017 that will take place on Monday, May 29th at 20:00h on the well-known football pitch next to Villa Schifanoia. We also want […]

#CP2017 Draw TONIGHT

You are also reminded of and invited for the Official Draw of Coppa Pavone), taking place in Bar Fiasco (OMG! Bar Fiasco Rulz!) TONIGHT  on Wednesday 17th of May starting at 19:30h. Bar Fiasco will open an hour earlier at 18:30h. Hope to see you all there! Coppa Pavone Committee 2017

#CP2017: Registration deadline extended

Dear EUI community, Loyal to its academic background the #CoppaPavone Comittee 2017 (Yyeah! We love our Committee!) has extended the deadline (deadlines suck!) for registration (registrations rule!) with 24 hours. Interested teams (and individuals looking for a team!) can register until Tuesday 15th of May 23:59h by sending their application to [email protected], indicating cleary: – the team’s name – […]

#CoppaPavone2017: Call 4 Teams

It is that time of the year again…time for the prestigious COPPA PAVONE! The one and only football tournament of the year, which is taking place just here and involves the whole EUI community. Coppa Pavone will take place from Monday 29th of May to Thursday 8th of June, one day before the June Ball […]