#CoppaPavone2017: Call 4 Teams

It is that time of the year again…time for the prestigious COPPA PAVONE! The one and only football tournament of the year, which is taking place just here and involves the whole EUI community. Coppa Pavone will take place from Monday 29th of May to Thursday 8th of June, one day before the June Ball […]

10 minutes into it & Squadra got intimate

EUI Calcio 3 -0 I’Girone 25 October 2016 After the long pre-season training in the SchifaNou camp and the home ground Cerreti, All players of our beloved Squadra showed great determination of going further and further. Mixing the ‘Old’ experienced players with the so-called ‘Freshies’ new players on one pitch gave us a huge advantage […]

The “Gemellaggio”: what a great week for Firenze!

The Super Week of Florence, featured yet another “big event”. Matteo Renzi, our “SIndaco”, and Prof. Weiler, our President, together with some lucky “Squadra Fantastica” representatives, all united under the symbols and the colours of Firenze and the EUI.