The first of many p(o)ints to come

Match report nr 1 by Jan Karremans A new season of IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica is already well on the way. As usual, the engine that makes the Squadra run works like a diesel: it has a slow start but is well designed for travelling long distances. This is especially true in those years with […]

Un Presidente! Grazie, Alex!

We publish below the final Presidential Adress of outgoing IUE Calcio President Alexander Trechsel, delivered at the annual IUE Calcio Presidential BBQ in Le Cure, Florence, on Saturday, 9. June 2018. While one chapter of the history of the IUE Calcio draws to a close, Presi Alex Trechsel will always be in the hearts of all […]

Campo di Marte – IUE Calcio 0-2 – Back to victory!

Monday october 27th, here we are, ready to attend the classic AICS serie B “Derby”: Campo di Marte vs IUE Calcio The IUE starting line is so composed: 4-2-3-1                              Cosimo Byku      –    Karremans –        Salvo –   […]

Sand in the push-up

We deserved better, we were winning and controlling the game… to end losing! It is true that there were more minutes of craziness than in other games, but we managed to overcome them and had an amazing end of the match. We had bad luck and their goalie had the time of her life. Playing in a tennis field plenty of sand with holes in the middle, there were moments that our mind got confused and thought we were on the beach we made all the mistakes we’ve never done before. The game was ours but, with only 7 players, our herd was starting to get very tired and this made us lose the concentration, still we fought until the match was over.

And another one bites the dust!

On Monday [3rd March] the cows were conscious that the match would be hard, that the pitch would be a battlefield and that we would have a hard time. What we didn’t expect is to have AGAIN the referee Testa di Cazzo, who seems to be especially obsessed with us. With him on the pitch is impossible to don’t do fouls: they hit you? Well, it was YOU who put the face in her elbow; you are complaining about a foul? It is because you are such a princess and defiant player. The B.B’s. Theater Company was falling all over the pitch, performing an amazing theater play.