The first of many p(o)ints to come

Match report nr 1 by Jan Karremans A new season of IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica is already well on the way. As usual, the engine that makes the Squadra run works like a diesel: it has a slow start but is well designed for travelling long distances. This is especially true in those years with […]

Un Presidente! Grazie, Alex!

We publish below the final Presidential Adress of outgoing IUE Calcio President Alexander Trechsel, delivered at the annual IUE Calcio Presidential BBQ in Le Cure, Florence, on Saturday, 9. June 2018. While one chapter of the history of the IUE Calcio draws to a close, Presi Alex Trechsel will always be in the hearts of all […]

‘Historians for Presi in Florence’ launched

Following revelations that Presi Alexander Trechsel is leaving the EUI this summer, Historians playing for the IUE Squadra launched the campaign “Historians for Presi in Florence.” The campaign is linked to the broader initiative #No2Trexit. At a meeting in the early hours of Monday, June 13, in the so-called “glass room” of the Villa Schifanoia […]