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Novoli vs IUE Calcio 1:4 – Yeehaw!

A well-deserved and overall fairly easy 1-4 win against Novoli seems to indicate IUE Calcio recuperated after a series of losses in late 2017. Is this the beginning of a glorious streak of victories, asks former Mister Jonathan Fink-Jensen. The sun shone gently, the temperature was surprisingly pleasant and to top it all off there […]

A Cold Tuesday Night in Campo di Marte

Real Madrid and Barcelona and their galaxy of stars might be able to walk through Osasuna on a sunny Spanish afternoon, but would they show up on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke? For some fans of English football, a midweek trip to Stoke in the winter months has come to symbolise the ultimate test […]

10 minutes into it & Squadra got intimate

EUI Calcio 3 -0 I’Girone 25 October 2016 After the long pre-season training in the SchifaNou camp and the home ground Cerreti, All players of our beloved Squadra showed great determination of going further and further. Mixing the ‘Old’ experienced players with the so-called ‘Freshies’ new players on one pitch gave us a huge advantage […]

Playing football for the Squadra and let the legend continue

Yesterday was another great day to be Mister, but most of all to be part of this amazing thing that is IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica. The Squadra won its first game of the season and it did not only do so by scoring goals but by immediately being a Squadra. This is very promising for the 2014/2015 season. The legend is bound to continue…

“…and then we all became indissolubly One thing”

After winning also against the leaders of the league, the coaches decided to reflect on this wonderful series of positive results. This match report takes us back to a training on a cold winter evening in which the Squadra gathered around the corner flag and decided that it was not going to lose again, or at least not any time soon. The victory against Arci La Vedetta must be seen in light of the process that started from then on. The sky is the limit, and now we almost see with our bare eyes that it wears the colours of IUE Calcio!!! Forza IUE!!!!!