Match Report IUE Calcio 7 – I Girone 2

Last Tuesday, 19/04/2016, IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica played against I Girone at our beloved Coliseum Cerreti. It was a very special date for all EUI members since it was the 40th Anniversary of the EUI, one more reason to win the game. Squadra wanted to continue with the amazing performance of the previous 6 games […]

And another one bites the dust!

On Monday [3rd March] the cows were conscious that the match would be hard, that the pitch would be a battlefield and that we would have a hard time. What we didn’t expect is to have AGAIN the referee Testa di Cazzo, who seems to be especially obsessed with us. With him on the pitch is impossible to don’t do fouls: they hit you? Well, it was YOU who put the face in her elbow; you are complaining about a foul? It is because you are such a princess and defiant player. The B.B’s. Theater Company was falling all over the pitch, performing an amazing theater play.

Oops!!! We did it again!

On Wednesday 26th February the determinate herd of cows headed for yet another victory in their home pitch. One could think that you would need just a good game and a few goals for a ‘grande vittoria’

V of Vendetta… and Victory!

On Friday the Super Golden Cows played more than a game, the herd had its Vendetta. It was a hard and important match: if we win we will play the Golden League, if not The Silver one. But, the Golden Cows can get no satisfaction with a simple silver league…