Thank you very much!

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   Dear Coppa Pavone Femminile members,

  the 1st Coppa Pavone Femminile, with almost 60 players, was a great success. We were able to make 6 teams and do a proper tournament, with semifinals and final. Congratulations to the Frogs that won the final, but also to the other five teams, that did their best on the pitch.


   First of all we would like to thank all the players, goalkeepers and coaches for your commitment, energy and stamina, because without you it would not have been possible to do the tournament. Secondly, to all the tifosi who were there, match after match, cheering the teams up. Thirdly, to the Coppa Pavone Committee that kindly agreed to do both tournaments at the same time and that believed in this initiative.

   Last but not least, we would really like to thank Clara Artigas, a former library trainee, who designed an amazing logo for both Coppa Pavone and Coppa Pavone Femminile, and to Federica Sergori from the EUI shop, who made great t-shirts with the logo (still available at the EUI shop!)

    Here you can find some beautiful pics that our dear Giorgia took!

    Hope to see all you in the 2nd Coppa Pavone Femminile!

    Committee of Coppa Pavone Femminile