The “Gemellaggio”: what a great week for Firenze!

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Fiorentina’s victory against archenemies of Juventus, is something full of meanings.

It represents a lot for Florence, and for the people who live, in its deepest meaning, (in) Florence.

The Super Week of Florence, featured yet another “big event”. Matteo Renzi, our “SIndaco”, and Prof. Weiler, our President, together with some lucky “Squadra Fantastica” representatives, all united under the symbols and the colours of Firenze and the EUI.

We live in a country, in a continent, where football (calcio) is so much related to society, culture and communications. And the union and collaboration between the EUI and Firenze is also wonderfully expressed by this newborn “Gemellaggio” among our football teams! Great moments guys!

And it all happened in the same day of our first 3 points in B1!!!

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