Transforming ideas into facts: Flag, scarves and jerseys… Spettacolo Puro!

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It is often the case that due to material restrictions a great idea cannot be transformed into a fact. In their effort to find the appropriate jersey for the new season, the Misters directly experienced this cruel reality: Due to unknown reasons, at the last moment Joma informed us they were not able to produce the jerseys we had ordered (see ). They gave us a restricted set of options out of which we had to choose, and we had to take a decision in two-days time, following an infinite set of criteria (colors of the Institute, Spettacolo, no Grasshoper-style shirts….). Due to the time pressure and many communication problems, irrationality played a big role in the final decision.

After we made the order, we started having many doubts about whether our choice made sense. But we could not take back our order and therefore we decided that if the jerseys didn’t make sense, we had to give them a sense. Thus, we had to come up with a new idea and turn it into Spettacolo. Luckily the Squadra is not alone: This year IUE Calcio will have its Ultrà, and maybe even a team of Utra’s.  Together with our Ultrà we started considering making flag and scarves and we immediately saw the opportunity to give sense to our new jerseys: we’d make flag and scarves with the same color-motives. We transformed the idea into a fact and the result is truly Spettacolo Puro:


With these pieces of art our new kits immediately make sense, and I am sure every Squadra player will be proud to wear them! Hopefully they will arrive before our first competition match, which will be Monday 14/10, 21.00h at Cerreti. Tomorrow Friday 11th we’ll have one more friendly match, at Cerreti 20.30h, and very likely the flag and scarves are going to make their first appearances. See you all at Cerreti, players and supporters!

Forza IUE!!! Can’t get enough of it!