Reconfiguring European Constitutionalism

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The Constitutionalism and Politics WG is very pleased to announce the following event that it is co-organizing with the Academy of Finland on 21 November 2016. The workshop seeks to challenge some of the prevailing ideas about how constitutional change occurs. From the conference abstract:

Instead of being brought up by internal developments of nation state, European constitutions change mostly in a process of multi-dimensional interaction between national and supra-national constitutions and constitutionalisms. In fact, it may be presumed that this form of change brought up by Europeanization is one of the main trajectories through which national constitutions and even forms of constitutionalism change – both explicitly and formally as well as implicitly and informally.


We are not net necessarily looking after ready-made and firmly established convictions about the key causal factors of these changes. Instead we would wish to raise questions about the ways in which these changes and their limits should be approached. How should we study constitutional change in Europe? Is there still room for national constitutional studies focusing on national constitutional reforms, amendments and cases. Or should we instead focus solely on comparative constitutional law or on European constitutional law? And what about the limits of constitutional change? How should they be addressed. What do they tell us about the core of European constitutionalism?

The complete abstract and programme.