Archive Activities

  • Workshop on Methodologies in Legal Research – Private Law in an Institutional Context  (13-14 September 2012, EUI, Florence) 

In the framework of our ERPL project a workshop on methodologies in legal research took take place from 13 to 14 September 2012 at the EUI in Florence. The workshop explored a number of strategies and methodologies for conducting research in the area of European private law.  The aim of the workshop was to identify pathways for research beyond the reliance on primary texts and court decisions, strategies for theory-building as well as for the assessment of the actual local impact of legal interventions and mechanisms. Sessions were devoted to (i) the underlying lessons of new institutional economics and their implications for the role of law in a transformed economic environment and for processes of institutional change; (ii) comparative legal and institutional analysis; (iii) fundamentals of socio-legal research, including interviewing and other techniques that go beyond formal legal materials.  Finally, researchers were also given an opportunity to explore the interaction between the processes of theory building, research strategy formulation and data-gathering.

The programme of the workshop can be found here.

The reading list of the workshop can be found here

A list of related news articles can be downloaded under this link.

Download the Audio Recording of the Workshop: 13 September – 14 September

  • First Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting Provided Invaluable Outsider View on Research Progress (3-5 May 2012, EUI in Florence)

From 3 to 5 May 2012 the Scientific Advisory Committee Members of the European Regulatory Private Law Project have met for the first time after the start of the project in September 2011. The discussion was based on the four pillars of the project with each committee member being assigned one of the four research areas according to their scientific expertise: Conflict and Resistance, Substitution and Intrusion, Convergence and Hybridisation. Please also see the section on the Scientific Advisory Committee for further information on the committee members.

  • Workshop ‘A Self-Sufficient European Private Law – A Viable Concept?’ (4-5 May 2012, EUI in Florence)

The first external workshop within the ERPL project took place from 4 to 5 May 2012 at the EUI in Florence. The workshop aimed to clarify the key parameters to be used for analysing the claimed transformation process of European Private Law from ‘Autonomy to Functionalism in Competition and Regulation’.  Sessions were held to examine the four categories around which the project is conceptualised, (1) conflict and resistance, (2) substitution and intrusion, (3) hybridization and (4) convergence. These categories were examined from a theoretical perspective, but also for their more specific implications for the project design and for testing the hypothesis of the self-sufficiency of European Private Law. Apart from the presentation of the project members’ research, eminent speakers  provided an outsider’s view on the parameters and a round table examined critically the project design.

The programme of the workshop can be found here
Download the Audio Recordings of the event: 4 May – 5 May
  • Workshop ‘Political Governance and Regulatory Enforcement Activity in Competition and Consumer Protection Regulation’

Hans Micklitz and Yane Svetiev have hosted a workshop as part of the 13th Mediterranean Research Meeting organised by the Robert Schuman Centre from 21 to 24 March 2012 in Montecatini Terme. The workshop was entitled “Political Governance and Regulatory Enforcement Activity in Competition and Consumer Protection Regulation”, which has examined some of the research themes of the project from the perspective of both EU Member States and states in the EU neighbourhood with a number of external participants.

More details about the workshop can be found here.