Annual European Law Conference

[event] Where: London When: 21 February 2014 Description: presentation on Consumer Protection Participant: Prof. Micklitz Hans -W More info [/event]

“Made in Europe” Workshop

[event] Where: Crakow When: 17/18 January 2014 Description: Made in Europe – European Legal Standards of Quality for Services on the Global Competitive Market. Presentation on  Telecommunications Services and CESL Participant: Cantero Marta, Prof. Micklitz Hans -W [/event]

General Principles of EU Law and European Private Law

[event] Where: Stockholm When: 8/9 November 2012 Description: Presentation on The Impact of European Private Law Principles on European Constitutional Law Principles Participant: Prof. Micklitz Hans -W and Guido Comparato More info [/event]