Marta Cantero Gamito


Ph.D. Researcher

Email: [email protected]

Tel. [+39] 055 4685 582

Working languages: English, Spanish, Italian

Curriculum Vitae

Since September 2011 Ph.D. Researcher at European University Institute, granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Law Degree and Business Management Degree from University of Cordoba, Spain, in 2010. Master’s Degree in External Trade & International Relations (2011) from University of Cordoba. Research Assistant at Commercial Law Department of the University of Cordoba from 2009 to 2011. Holder of a Grant at the Extenda (Andalusian Agency for the External Promotion and Companies Internationalisation) Chair of the University of Cordoba as Collaborator, academic year 2010-2011. Attorney Collegiate of the Spanish Bar Association. Trainee Attorney at Legal Studio in Cordoba (2010-2011). Co-runner of the Working Group on European Private Law at the European University Institute. Fields of interest: European Law, European Private Law, Commercial and Consumer Law.

Research area

My research project tests the hypothesis of self-sufficiency within the European Regulatory Private Law. Taking into account that self-sufficiency is based on the idea of a closed/complete and self-standing system, this analysis will deal with competence (law making), substantive law, as well as enforcement issues. Methodologically, I have decided to opt for Telecommunications Services as the model upon which the hypotheses of this paper are to be tested, since these services are part of the visible hand of the European Regulatory Private Law. In particular, I am attracted to the idea of how the European legislator is encroaching in the field of contract law through the vertical rules that govern these services by new modes of law-making and new forms of enforcement. As a result, the main outcome of this research will be to determine whether we are witnessing to the emergence of a new self-sufficient European Private Law different from the general acquis communautaire and -what is more- independent from the national private legal orders.