The Football Screenings

We currently show selected matches from the Champions and Europa League at the bar. You can find timely updated information on upcoming screenings on this site. The decision about which match to show is made through a democratic vote in the ‘EUI Sports TV’ Facebook group. It is possible to vote until 24h before the match. If you want to see your favourite team, please join the group and participate in the vote.


  • Tuesday 21/10: Champions League
  • Wednesday 22/10: Champions League
  • Thursday 23/10: Europa League
  • Tuesday 4/11: Champions League
  • Wednesday 5/11: Champions League
  • Thursday 6/11: Europa League
  • Tuesday 25/11: Champions League
  • Wednesday 26/11: Champions League
  • Thursday 27/11: Europa League
  • Tuesday 9/12: Champions League
  • Wednesday 10/12: Champions League
  • Thursday 11/12: Europa League