An Autumn of Social Rights – 1st event

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The Fundamental Rights in Europe WG invites you to the first event of


Three-part session
Social Rights Across the Life Cycle in the Midst of a Crisis
Learn About Your European Social Rights!
Sala Belvedere, Villa Schifanoia, EUI
Wednesday 23 October
4.30-7 p.m.
1. Entering the Labour Market
Nicola Countouris on Case C290/12, Della Rocca
(Precarious work and social rights)
2. Creating a Family
Marzia Barbera on Case C-7/12, Riezniece
(The right to parental leave and “national economic difficulties”)
3. Getting Your Pension
Claire Kilpatrick on Case C398/11, Hogan
(Insolvent employers, pensions and economic crisis)
Guest Speakers:
Dr. Nicola Countouris, Reader in Law, University College London (UCL)
Professor Marzia Barbera, Università di Brescia
Professor Claire Kilpatrick, European University Institute