WG events

Springtime for Fundamental Rights!

Cases C-399/11 Melloni and C-917/10 Åkerberg Fransson The scope of the Charter and its relationship with the ECHR – by Dominique Ritleng, on March 20th The horizontal provisions of the Charter in the context of constitutional pluralism – by Daniel Sarmiento, on April 8th

Kadzoev, El Dridi and Achughbabian

Philippe De Bruycker on Cases C-357/09 PPU Kadzoev (http://curia.europa.eu/juris/liste.jsf?language=en&num=C-357/09), C-61/11 PPU El Dridi (http://curia.europa.eu/juris/liste.jsf?num=C-61/11) and C-329/11 Achughbabian (http://curia.europa.eu/juris/documents.jsf?num=C-329/11) Detention and removal of illegally staying third-country nationals  

Zambrano, Dereci and Iida

Alan Dashwood on Case C-34/09 Zambrano (http://curia.europa.eu/juris/liste.jsf?language=en&num=C-34/09), C-256/11 Dereci (http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CELEX:62011CJ0256:EN:NOT) and C-40/11 Iida (http://curia.europa.eu/juris/documents.jsf?num=C-40/11) Fundamental rights and free movement – The perils of over-interpretation