Why not an EUI law clinic?!

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Please join the Human Rights Working Group Law in Action Project, in collaboration with the Fundamental Rights in Europe Working Group, for the inaugural Law in Action Speaker Series event:

“What can Clinical Legal Education Bring to EU Law?”

Monday 13 October – 15:00 – 17:00

Sala Europa, Villa Schifanoia, EUI (Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 121 Firenze)


Ulrich Stege and Maurizio Veglio (Directors of the EU and International Migration Law Clinic at IUC Turin)

Anthony Valcke (Director of EU Rights Clinic at the University of Kent at Brussels)

Costanza Hermanin (Senior Policy Officer at Open Society Foundations)

The last five years or so have seen the birth of pioneering European human rights and EU law rights clinics in Belgium (the University of Kent in Brussels) and here in Italy (the International University College Turin). In this seminar, the first in a series of talks brought to you by the EUI Law in Action Project, the founders of these clinics will talk to EUI researchers and faculty to share their experience and explore what the EUI might learn.

The seminar will investigate what these European legal clinics are doing to connect European citizens and Third Country Nationals to their EU law and ECHR rights. These clinics aim to breed a new generation of sophisticated, socially conscientious and multi-jurisdictional European human rights lawyers. The seminar will also reflect on what EUI researchers can do to be a part of this new generation of lawyers.