Birte Siim

Siim_FotorBirte Siim is political scientist and Professor in Gender Research in the Social Sciences, Dept. of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark: She is the Danish coordinator of bEUcitizen: All Rights Reserved? Constraints and Contradictions of European Citizenship, EC, 7. FW (2013-2017), RAGE: Hate Speech and Populist Othering in Europe through the Racism Gender, Age Looking Glass, EC Directorate of Justice (2013-2015). She has published extensively on gender and politics, democracy, citizenship and the welfare state from comparative European perspectives. Recent publications include: “Gender Diversities – Practicing Intersectionality in the European Union. Ethnicities. 2014 (14) 4: 539-555 (with L. Rolandsen Agustin); “Conflicts and Negotiations about Framings of Gender and Ethnicity by Political Actors in the European Public Sphere”, Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy, 2014 (30) 01; “Political Intersectionality and Democratic Politics in the European Public Sphere”, Politics & Gender, 2014 (10) 01: 117-124; Negotiations Gender and Diversity in an Emergent European Public Sphere (with M. Mokre), Palgrave/Macmillan 2013, and “Citizenship” in K. Celis, V. Waylen (eds.), The Oxford Handbook on Gender and Politics, Oxford University Press, 2013. Her current research include intersectionality, democratic diversity, populism, nationalism, and post-national solidarity.