Milica Antić Gaber


Milica Antić Gaber Is Full Professor at Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana where she among others teaches Sociology of gender and coordinates doctoral program Gender Studies. She has been lecturing or visiting scholar at Universities in Budapest, Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Novi Sad and London. She has been involved in the research on electoral gender quotas in Europe, on the implementation of the EU directives on violence against women, children and youth in new EU member states and on balancing of private and professional life of female politicians in Slovenia and gender structuring of contemporary Slovenia. She has been involved in different expert groups on women in politics in Slovenia and in international context. She is a Head of Slovene Sociological Association where she also chairs a section on Gender and Society. She is also a member of the Expert Forum of European Institute for Gender Equality. She contributed numerous chapters in the books and articles in journals on gender equality, on gender based violence, women and/in politics, quotas and similar topics in Slovenia and abroad. As an author, co-author and editor, she has published several monographs, including: Ženske – politike – možnosti (Women – Policies – Opportunities), Women in Parliamentary Politics, Violence in the EU examined, Policies on Violence against Women, Children and Youth in 2004 EU Accession Countries, Ženske na robovih politike (Women on the Fringes of Politics), Raziskovanje nasilja nad ženskami v Sloveniji (A Study of Violence Against Women in Slovenia).