About GRaSe

The Gender, Race & Sexuality (GRaSe) Working Group is an interdisciplinary working group at the European University Institute (EUI). It aims to be a friendly and innovative setting for discussion across disciplines on a wide range of topics, such as gender, sexuality and/or critical race studies, and intersections of gender and social activism, migration, religion and ethnicity. Experiments with presentation formats are highly welcomed. The group is run by a group of postdoctoral fellows and researchers in various disciplines, and is supported by Prof. Ruth Rubio-Marín.

The GRaSe sessions usually take place on the second Wednesday of each month, and are coordinated by a different person each time. The person presenting will be free to select the format of the session choosing between a presentation of her/his work, a discussion based on relevant literature that s/he wishes to share and discuss, a film screening, and so forth.

The blog Gender Matters – where you are right now! – serves as an extended platform of discussion. It features contributions from session speakers, members of the GRaSe group and invited authors.

For questions or suggestions, email the GRaSe Team.