Announcement of the termination of the survey

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Dear EUI colleagues and friends,
We are sorry we could not inform you earlier about this, as the EUI administration asked us to wait for the President’s message and to change some of the content regarding our message below.

Still, we  are  writing  to  confirm  that  the  survey  on  discrimination  and harassment  that  we launched a few days ago will be terminated, since the EUI administration asked us to stop it. The reason is that the distribution of  our survey in its current design and content and without this having been prior checked with the EUI’s DPO and Data Protection Committee has been considered to potentially infringe EUI rules on proper conduct of surveys and compliance with data protection requirements. All questionnaires gathered so far have been deleted and no analysis will be made.

Our  sincere  thanks  go  to  the  more  than  300  people  who  took  the  time  to  fill  in  the questionnaire so far. We are sorry that we will be not able to process their answers and reflecton their contributions. We also wanted to thank the Researchers’ Representatives from the Harassment Committee who had approved of our initiative.

However, we really hope to find alternative ways to keep thinking and discussing about issues of discrimination and harassment.
Best regards,