Clarifications on the termination of the 2015 GRaSe Survey and the closing of the Working Group

After thoughtful reflection, we are announcing the end of the EUI Gender, Race and Sexuality (GRaSe) Working Group that we have started four years ago. We find indeed that the atmosphere at the institute is not appropriate to continue with our activity. What started out as a positive initiative, our 2015 survey on harassment and discrimination, has resulted in public humiliation. We believe this episode reveals the general attitude towards our working group from the side of the EUI administration. It is not the first time we feel to perform the role of “gender token” of the EUI – a role we are no longer willing to play.

Announcement of the termination of the survey

Dear EUI colleagues and friends, We are sorry we could not inform you earlier about this, as the EUI administration asked us to wait for the President’s message and to change some of the content regarding our message below. Still, we  are  writing  to  confirm  that  the  survey  on  discrimination  and harassment  that  we launched […]

Je ne suis pas Charlie : Charlie Hebdo Attacks, Media coverage and Postcolonial France

#JeNeSuisPasCharlie Wednesday morning 2 gunmen with automatic weapons entered the headquarters of satirist weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris, killing 9 employees and collaborators, injuring others and then shooting deadly 2 policemen before fleeing. They were finally being killed by police forces on Friday afternoon. Since then, the national and international press have been dealing extensively […]

Zwarte Piet Once Again

This time of the year, as every year, when Christmas is approaching and days get shorter, people start to talk about gifts and candies and…. the world discovers that the Netherlands (or shall I say ‘also’ the Netherlands?) is racist. As you may all know, this is due to the fact that the traditional Dutch […]